Thursday, February 11, 2010

The title of this show is now...

(Anne-Lise Coste, installation detail, 2005)

This is a truism: if you don’t feel good about a decision, you always know it’s there, like a sore thumb. Sometimes you can’t treat a sore thumb, but sometimes you can.

Over the past few weeks, it has become clear to me that I’ve been forcing an idea from a previous life (a few months ago) onto a selection of work that has nothing to do with that idea.

What I’m saying is that the name Donkey Trail does not match the work in the show I’m currently putting together. This show, the one opening in May, is off-kilter, looks like instinct and energy, has its own set of rules and is unified, formally, by the line. It’s fresh, it moves, it moves fast. Donkeys? Donkey Trail? Not right.

So, in what has proved to be an act of courage, and also a step towards coming into my own (more), I’ve renamed it.

The title of this show is now: OUT OF LINE.

Name choosing can get wacky. Note the developmental process:

Donkey Trail is a Fast Paced Line
Beast Unburdened
No Dozing Ox
Hook, line and sinker
Electric Ladyland
Electric Skillet
Welcome to the Zoom Boom
Welcome to the Zoom Room
It is I, That I am,
Up, down, all around
The Zoom Boom Presents
Drawing the Curtain
Behind the curtain
Before the curtain goes up
The curtain goes up
Curtains, Kidneys and Candy
Candy Curtain
Certain curtain
The Flow Show
The To and Fro Show
We interrupt this program
Jumping the Fence
Next day, tomorrow, suspense
Walk the Talk
Walk like a Man
Walk the Line
Moving Down the Line
No Easy Walk to Freedom
Zoom Zoom Presents
Bloom Zoom Presents
Vroom Zoom Presents
Moving to Another Groove
Getting the Move On
Leg Work
No Sweat
Ring Up the Curtain
Show Up
The Doozy Show
The Doozy Zoom Boom Show
Behind the scenes
Backstage in Ladyland
Backstage at Pinkrocks
Backstage with Pink Rocks
Backstage and out of line
Up and Over


  1. REALLY nice blog, Molly. I intend to read it thoroughly when I've got more time - I've already subscribed and added it to Google reader - but I just wanted to let you know that you have another reader.

    Philip Hartigan

  2. Thanks so much, Philip. Really appreciate it.